Does a child need to reserve a seat? How much is the fare for children?
You do not need to make a reservation for your children under 6 years old as far as your children do not occupy a seat. However, we highly suggest preparing a seat for your children because it is safer and more comfortable than sitting on parent's laps.
[Fare for child]
Ages : 0-5 ------ Free of charge if no seats are occupied (If your child occupies a seat, the fare will be the same as the fare for ages 6-11)
Ages : 6-11 ------ Half the price of adults
Ages : 12 and older ------ Same as adults
How many luggages can we bring in the bus?
Basically, each passengers can bring in one luggage only. Please carry in small luggage and valuables with you.
Can we eat in the bus?
Eating and drinking are not prohibited. However, considerations for other passengers would be highly appreciated.
Is there a restroom on the bus?
It depends on the bus. If no restroom is available inside the bus, the bus will usually stop for a break.
Can I cancel the reservation?
Please cancel your reservation on the website you made the reservation before one day ahead of the departure date.
If I lost my ticket, would it be re-issued?
If you lose a ticket, you need to purchase a new ticket.
If I missed my bus, can I catch the next bus?
If you have already paid for the ticket, you need to purchase a new ticket.

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