Riding the Local Bus

Pay at Destination - Fare Determined by Numbering Ticket (No IC Card)

Get a numbering ticket when you get on, and pay when you get off.
The number on the ticket indicates the number of the bus stop you get on at.

1. Get on from the rear of the bus (from the front for some routes).
Get a numbering ticket with the number of the bus stop you get on at.
You will not need to get a numbering ticket for a number of bus routes.

Figure From the Rear Door
Figure Numbering Ticket

2. Push the buzzer button when your destination is announced.
The amount corresponding to the number on your numbering ticket is your bus fare.

Figure Buzzer Button
Figure Fare Display

3. At the destination, put the amount due (half price for children) for the number of passengers you are paying for in the collection unit before you get off. If you require change for the fare, please get change in advance from the collection unit. You cannot insert bills besides 1,000 yen bill for change.

Figure Collection Unit
Figure Change Function
Contactless prepaid cards can be used on all routes