Hatogaya Hikawa Shrine

Said to have been founded in the year 1394, this shrine is situated on high ground to the west of the Nikko Onari Kaido in the center of the former Hatogaya post town. Legend has it that in July of 1600, the soon-to-be-shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, rested within the precincts of this very shrine. At the very back of the shrine grounds, there is a pair of sacred camphor trees known as the “husband and wife” believed to possess the divine virtue of matchmaking. During the annual festival in July, a portable shrine is carried out, and owing to its vigorous and lively procession, it has earnt the name "Kenka Mikoshi" or "fighting shrine." Also, every December, a market known as the Okame Market is held, where stallholders sell ornamental bamboo rakes called kumade, a lucky charm for "raking in" good fortune.


1-6-2 Hatogayahoncho, Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture  <Google Map


  • Nishi-Kawaguchi Station, East Exit/Bus Stop #4/Route 01 bound for Hatogaya Kodan Jutaku (17min)
  • Akabane Station, East Exit/Bus Stop #6/Route 20 bound for Kawaguchi Municipal Medical Center or route 21 bound for Hatogaya Kodan Jutaku (24min)
  • Kawaguchi Station, East Exit/Bus Stop #9/Route 18 bound for Hatogaya Kodan Jutaku (23min)
  • Warabi Station, East Exit/Bus Stop #3/Route 03 bound for Araijuku Station (21min)

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