Minegaoka Hachiman Shrine

This shrine is located in a quiet area amongst the trees, not far from the Hachimanzaka Bus Stop. Within the grounds, there is an impressive torii gate and path leading to the shrine. In this solemn atmosphere, a sacred ginkgo tree over 700 years old exudes a powerful and awe-inspiring presence.


1304 Mine, Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture  <Google Map


Route 13: Kawaguchi Station to Mine Hachimangu
Roughly 30 minutes from Kawaguchi Station, East Exit (Bus Stop #12)
One minute on foot from Hachimanzaka Bus Stop
*Please be sure to get off here (otherwise, you will be on the bus until the terminus at Mine Hachimangu).

Sights to see nearby Minegaoka Hachiman Shrine

Angyohara Snake Structure

2680-1 Angyohara, Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture

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Route 22-2: Kawaguchi Station to Hara
Roughly 20 minutes from Kawaguchi Station, East Exit (Bus Stop #12)
Two minutes on foot from Hara Sakaue Bus Stop